Sugoi Verve Skirt Review (for men)

A week or so ago I was ordering something from REI and spotted that this skirt was on closeout, so I ordered it.


This time I took a risk – the Medium was listed as 28 – 30 waist and I was worried this would make the skirt too tight but given my previous skirt buying experiences, where I have bought large and ended up with something a little too loose, I thought it was worth a try (REI has a pretty good return policy).

This seemed like it was going to be a reasonably close match to the requirements I set out in my previous post, and when it arrived I wasn’t disappointed.

The liner is actually shorts, which wasn’t clear before I ordered it – I thought I would prefer briefs but after putting it on I’m not sure it matters. The shorts are very airy and extremely soft and comfortable (similar material to the liner you would get inside running shorts).

I ran in it for the first time this past weekend – I wrote about the actual run on my other blog – here.

This is currently my favorite skirt, but there are two improvements I would like to make it perfect (well, maybe 3 if you include the color, although it isn’t too bad). Firstly, the only pocket is in the waistband at the front and it is small, and also does not close – so, it doesn’t hold much and I think I would worry about things falling out. Secondly, it has a little more flare than I would prefer.



6 thoughts on “Sugoi Verve Skirt Review (for men)

    1. Thanks for commenting. It seems that some men find it difficult to run in a skirt – mainly because they worry about what other people think. Once you get past that, a skirt is a great option for everyone.

      1. I haven’t run in a skirt, but taken a few walks in a denim skirt…and it’s really feels great in warm weather…i bet it’s a similar feeling when running

  1. I have been enjoying your skirt stories and reviews. You were one of the places I got the inspiration for my fundraiser of running the Boston Marathon in a skirt for BRCA research which has been a very important issue for my family. I would love to post a link to my page on your blog, let me know if you would like to help!

  2. I enjoy the comfort of running skirts. Four years ago a friend of mine has lent me her running skirt. I try it out on a long jog. A wonderful well-ventilated feeling. A few days later I buy my first running skirt. Actually I own six. A white skirt for hot sunny days, a normal long black skirt for training, a short black skirt for races, the famous salomon skirt (with compression briefs) and two skapris for cold winter days. My newest is the Sugoi Verve Long Skirt. Good for autumn days, because it is long skirt (17″). But nevertheless sometimes I run in trackies or tights. The friend of mine (see above) is now my wife.

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