Running skirts for men – update

There are several things that have changed since my initial review of running skirts (which I just re-blogged from my other blog over at Run NJ).

The first thing that happened was that I decided to remove the inner briefs. This allows for greater freedom of choice in what to wear under the skirt (I did discover that they do make skirts with nothing underneath at but cutting out what was there seems to have worked out well, and I got mine cheaper on sale).

I’m very glad that I did this, because it seems that with cooler weather I am more prone to what I have been informed is known as “chub rub”. This is where the thighs rub together while running and cause chafing. This only just started happening to me despite the fact that I have had no problems at all up until recently, even on longer runs. I have my suspicions that the cooler weather and lower humidity means I am sweating less and that the sweat was acting as a lubricant to prevent chafing. It seems as though I have no problems up until about 7 miles, so I will adjust to wearing compression boxers such as these from Under Armour for longer runs. I still think the skirt is worthwhile – I’m not so bold as to just wear compression shorts (as I’ve said before, it might be okay if I were wearing longer, looser shirts, but I need my t-shirt to have compression on runs over about 5 miles to prevent chafing on the upper half if you know what I mean).

I hope to add more thoughts on skirted running in the near future, including a review of running in a Sport Kilt – I wrote a review of the kilt here but hadn’t tried running in it at that point.


One thought on “Running skirts for men – update

  1. Make a skirt with pleats, or prences in the front and in the rear is a very suitable option. also place a piece of fabric about 20 cm a striker with the rear (about 10 cm from the bottom edge or hem of the skirt), will give great confidence to the skirt (for there can be very short, to not see their private parts), so could even stand on his head without any discomfort.

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